Múlaþing’s harbors will be used to promote business and resident life in the municipality through the development of port infrastructure and port areas. Emphasis will be placed on providing efficient service to users.
The vision for the future is that Múlaþing’s ports will be among the leading ports in Iceland, and with an emphasis on the development of port infrastructure, Múlaþing’s ports will strengthen the competitive position of East Iceland and Iceland. Emphasis will be placed on environmentally friendly and safe harbors with sustainability as a guiding principle, and the planning of areas must have an environmentally friendly focus for a diverse society and innovation in port-related activities.

Attention will be paid to security and strong port security, as the focus is on preventing accidents, environmental and property damage.

Environmental issues
Emphasis will be placed on climate and environmental issues in port-related activities and carbon neutrality in own operations. Increased use of resources, improved waste management, environmental awareness, improved air quality in port areas and increased percentage of environmentally friendly energy.

Port infrastructure promotes efficient and smart service to users

Human capital
Hafnir Múlaþing will be a sought-after workplace where staff develop to face the opportunities and challenges of the future.


A conversation should be held with the shipping company regarding the possibility of getting a ship earlier in the spring, later in the fall and even in the winter to visit Múlaþing’s ports.

With regard to safety and environmental considerations, infrastructure and the experience of passengers and locals, the ports of Múlaþing emphasize targeted access control. In consultation with shipping companies, agents and other ports, efforts will be made to change ship arrivals if there is an appearance of excessive load on individual days. It is assumed that the number of passengers on land at any given time will not exceed 500 in Borgarfjörður eystri, 3,500 in Seyðisfjörður and 2,500 in Djúpavogur.

In cooperation with interested parties, the provision of information regarding recreation and services within the municipality shall be strengthened with the aim of promoting increased distribution and balance during peak times.

In cooperation with the shipping companies, the aim is to extend the presence in the ports of Múlaþing with the aim of increasing the benefits of tourism providers in the region, as well as allowing passengers to better enjoy nature and recreation within the municipality.

Environmental issues
It will be ensured that cruise ships visiting Múlaþing’s ports comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding environmental issues.

The goal will be to be able to offer an electrical connection for cruise ships in the ports of Múlaþing.

All cruise ships must follow the laws and regulations regarding the return of garbage and its classification.

Work will be done on the development of port areas so that they will be ready to handle port-oriented tourism.

In cooperation with Austurbrú and Isavia, work will be done to ensure that passenger transfers can take place in the ports of Múlaþing (on Seyðisfjörður).

In other respects, reference is made to the policy priorities of the ports of Múlaþing.

Ports of Múlaþing 29 January 2024.