Borgarfjörður harbour is located in Hafnarhólmi, one of the most visited tourist destination in all of East Iceland. The most popular attraction is one of the largest puffin colonies in Iceland situated in Hafnarhólmi. The bird watching accessibility is excellent and many bird species thrive in Borgarfjörður.
On average there are 12 boats departing from the dock. Landings are roughly around 700-800 a year, approximately 1000-1200 tons. In the summer of 2003, the port was first awarded the Blue Flag. The Blue Flag is presented to small docks for excellent facilities and tidiness. Borgarfjörður marina was the second dock in Iceland to receive this great honour.
A new elegant service building for the harbour was inaugurated in the summer of 2021. The building is designed by Andersen & Sigurdsson Architects.

Live webcam from Hafnarhólmi


General port services: The Port of Borgarfjörður provides general harbour services such as wharf space or anchorage berths for ships and boats, pilotage, potable water and electricity, as well as weighing and waste disposal services. Harbour operations are in accordance with the Harbours Act, No. 61/2003, and Article 37 of the Regulation on Harbour Affairs, No. 326/2004, in addition to Harbour Regulation No. 275/2006, as amended in No. 499/2007.

Weighing: This is based on Regulation No. 224/2006, on the weighing and recording of marine catches, which in part states that the entire catch shall be weighed on harbour scales in the port of landing as soon as the catch is unloaded. Furthermore, catch weighing shall have been finished within two hours of when unloading is completed. Certified scales owned by the particular port shall be used for weighing, which must be performed by a port employee publicly certified for it.

The phone number of the harbour is +354 862-6845

Those using the unloading facilities for smaller vessels must move their boat away from the landing crane as soon as the catch from the boat has been weighed at the scales. Once marine products have been landed, causing delays at the unloading facilities is prohibited.

Port restriction

Use of ship’s thrusters is allowed at arrival/departure. 
With permission, painting of ship’s hull from pier/paint raft is allowed 
Cleaning is allowed with environmentally friendly soap. 
No limitation on discharging gray (sink) water 
It is allowed to launch life boats for drills 
Other special information or restrictions

Zodiac dock

Please note only accessible for Zodiacs

Zodiac dock position: 65°32´28 N 13°45´10 W  
Ship’s Zodiacs may be used for passengers/crew 
Distance from anchorage to Zodiac dock: 300 M 
Type of Zodiac dock: Ramp 
Height of Zodiac dock above water: Water level 
Depth of water at low tide: 0 M 
Surface of tender dock: Concrete 
Tender dock is wheelchair accessible: Yes 
Space for two tenders at once: No 
Dockside restroom facilities: Yes 
Distance from tender dock todowntown: 5 KM 
Availability of shore tenders: no 
Other special information or restrictions: Rich birdlife in the area, enter at half speed and directly into the harbour. 



Turning basin: 500 M
Depth of water at low tide: 20 M

Other special information or restrictions: Rich birdlife in the area, enter at half speed and directly into the harbour.

Anchor lay  Anchor position

Port services:

Location: latitude 65°32´27N longitude 13°45´21 W

Pilotage is not compulsory.
Please note only accessible for Zodiacs

Local time: GMT
Harbor open: 24 hours
Scenic cruising: Borgarfjörður 2 n.m



Best time to visit is from May through September
Climate: Usually mild but changeable
Prevailing wind: NW
Average temperature: 10°C (50°F)
Minimum depth at low tide: 4,5 M
Tidal difference: 1,6 M
Current: 2 knots
Swell: 1,5-3 M
Ice condition: ice free
Air-draft restriction: no


Tug service is not available 


Products available locally for provisioning of cruise ships: fish